Coffee Bar Conversations

Informal interviews with CS Thought Leaders

About Coffee Bar Conversations

Coffee Bar Conversations is a series of informal interviews conducted with both acknowledged experts and up and coming new thought leaders in the Customer Success space. Each conversation has its own topic – typically a topic that is either particularly relevant at that time, or one in which the guest being interviewed has a special interest or particular experience.

Each conversation takes place virtually, but in our imagination, we envisage guests and hosts meeting in a local coffee bar for an informal chat before or after work, and that informal, relaxed and friendly ambience is exactly the type of vibe we aim for in the events.

Your host for the Coffee Bar Conversations series is our very own CEO, Founder, and author, Rick Adams. As well as being broadcast live, each event is recorded for prosperity and Practical CSM Academy members can access these recordings along with many other CS-related assets in the ever-growing Content Library – the world’s largest repository of Customer Success training content.

Thanks to The Customer Success Association for publicizing the event.


25 August 2022
Thursday, 5:00 PM GMT

The Role of AI in Customer Success

Jason Noble
VP Global Customer Success at Vinli Inc

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29 September 2022
Thursday, 5:00 PM GMT

Customer Success in Northern Europe

Ann-Kristin Takle
Founder and CEO at Exceed

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27 October 2022
Thursday, 5:00 PM GMT

Support Vs Customer Success

Guy Galon
VP Customer Success at Hysolate

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24 November 2022
Thursday, 5:00 PM GMT

The Role of CS Ops in Scaling Customer Success

Erika Villareal
Principal Customer Success Manager at Condeco

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The Role of Coaching & Mentoring

Sarah McDermott
Program Manager, Customer Outcome Executives

The Use Case for Customer-Success-as-a-Service

Peter Armaly
Vice President for Customer Success, ESG

Customer Success Learnings from 2021 Webinar- Practical CSM

What’s In Your Adoption Strategy?

The Role of Community in Customer Success

Remco de Vries
VP of Marketing at Gainsight

The 5 Biggest Mistakes When Hiring your First VP Customer Success

Alan Fecamp
Director of Customer Success & Post Sale at ZEREN



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