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Becoming the

Best Possible CSM

LIVE with Rick Adams

It is one thing to be an “OK” Customer Success Manager and quite another thing to be a “really good” CSM – the best possible CSM you can be. This six part course provides an in depth examination of what it takes to become the best possible CSM, starting by overviewing the four core domains of expertise that CSMs must master and then working through each domain one at a time, before finally examining how to combine these domains into a single a holistic approach where the whole becomes even greater than the sum of the parts. The four core domains are Industry Expertise, Product Expertise, Customer Success Expertise and finally Personal Qualities.

This course is aimed at CSMs of all levels for new starters through to seasoned practitioners who wish to up their game from wherever it happens to be currently to where they want and need it to be – in other words to become the best possible CSM that they are able to be.

Thanks to The Customer Success Association for publicizing the event.


Understand Your Customer

9 September 2021