Jeff Sheehan’s

Customer Experience Management Field Manual

Are you trying to create or refine a Customer Experience Management program that adds tangible value to the business and its customers?
If so, look no further!
Sign up now for this step-by-step training series as author and CX Advisor Jeff Sheehan takes you through each of the core functions needed to build a robust and scalable CX program.

Each month Jeff takes you through each core function using excerpts from his new book:

Customer Experience Management Field Manual (,

in a series illustrating what each function can do to enable your own CX program to grow and mature for its intended purpose.

Thanks to The Customer Success Association for publicizing the event.



18 May 2021

Part I: Attention!
and Part II: The Mission

16 June 2021

Part III: CX Leadership

Discusses: leadership, influence, responsibility and authority.

21 July 2021

Part IV: The Unit: discusses the impact of culture.

18 August 2021

Part V: The Inspection

Discusses: The CX Audit

17 September 2021

Part VI: Gathering Intelligence

Discusses: The voice of the customer operation

20 October 2021

Part VII: War Gaming and Part VIII: The Battle Plan

Discusses: Journey mapping operations and the CX Strategic Plan

17 November 2021

Part IX: The Generals

Discusses: CX Governance