Three (3) Tips for work-life balance

Three (3) Tips for work-life balance

Holiday Edition: Mother’s Day in Customer Success

It is not wrong to say that Customer Success Managers are customer-obsessed. They focus all their attention on the customers, exploring opportunities to help them achieve their goals. Sadly, it makes balancing work and life burdensome. Many Customer Success Managers have reported burnout, especially mothers who put their children above themselves.

Mothers in Customer Success have constantly been experiencing difficulties managing their job and children- but this doesn’t hinder them from helping customers attain their expected outcomes. They have done their best, and we acknowledge them for that. What better gift for Mother’s Day than providing tips for work-life balance so mothers in Customer Success continue to deliver value?

Here are Three Tips for Work-Life Balance dedicated to mothers:

1. Communicate with the team

Work and life are separate but communicating your boundaries to the team helps them set the right expectations. They won’t expect you to attend unnecessary after-work meetings, nor will they think negatively when you aren’t available at a particular time. By talking to your team members and leader, you let yourself be in control of your work time and responsibilities.

2. Focus on the outcomes

A Customer Success Manager is someone that delivers value. But as a mother, you may use your time differently from others. To avoid conflict and misunderstanding, you must be able to present the outcomes you attained rather than the hours you spent. Deliver your best at work and stand your ground that you are using your work time at its utmost capacity.

3. Set boundaries timewise

It is challenging to divide time between both work and your children. However, it is necessary that you set boundaries timewise. When at work, you are not a mother but a professional. Do everything a Customer Success Manager does at work- be a leader, an advocate, and an achiever.

At home, you are not a Customer Success Manager for your children but a loving mother. Do whatever you think is best for you and your family. Spend time with them and focus all your attention on them. Do not allow your work to hinder you from being a good mother.


And most importantly, set time for yourself. Keep in mind that you are yourself before becoming a Customer Success Manager and a mother. The most common reason mothers become burnt out from work is that they have forgotten to care for themselves. Set aside a few hours each week and dedicate them to yourself; go to a spa, watch movies, travel, and do anything you want. Unwind and destress to focus on both work and your family again.

We are proud of you!

Being a Customer Success Manager and a mother is a challenge- but you continue to shine. Take a deep breath and smile before you step out again and be the best of yourself – Happy Mother’s Day to you – mothers in Customer Success!