Why Customer Success is Still in Demand, Even in These Tough Times

Why Customer Success is Still in Demand, Even in These Tough Times

Change brings uncertainty and challenges, but it also brings opportunities to innovate and grow. The previous business strategy of just providing products and services is long gone- the customers are now looking for organizations willing to go beyond and help them in their journey towards outcome realization. Companies increasingly understand how beneficial it is to ensure customers’ success. With the effectiveness of Customer Success to deliver high-value generating opportunities, the world may be changing, but customers and companies continuously demand more from Customer Success Managers.  

Customer-centricity is the future.

You’re probably wondering: What does customer-centricity even mean? It’s a term that has been around for years and refers to how businesses focus on their customers. The theory behind this concept is simple: if you want to succeed in today’s world, you need to focus on your customers and build products designed with them in mind first. 

It may seem common sense—after all, who doesn’t want their products or services tailored specifically for their needs? But despite its popularity over time and across industries (think Amazon Prime), many companies still struggle with understanding how exactly they should go about doing this. As a result of this dilemma between what we believe should be done versus what actually works best for our clients’ businesses now and moving forward into 2022 (and beyond), Customer Success Managers became the heroes offering not only a solution but an opportunity to grow.

Excellent customer experience is still rooted in serving customers well.

Customer success is about serving customers well. While it’s true that this may sound like a platitude, it’s also true that marketing and sales teams are often responsible for delivering outstanding customer experiences. 

Great customer experiences are rooted in helping your customers achieve their goals and solve problems for themselves—not just for you or someone else. It means understanding your customer’s real needs, then finding solutions that meet those needs and exceed expectations on every level: from price to quality to functionality, delivery speed, and more. 

Success managers are not just expert problem solvers but also effective preventers.

As the name suggests, they help companies avoid having to deal with problems that could have been prevented in the first place. Customer Success Managers can proactively identify and solve problems before they even happen. This subtle but powerful skill set distinguishes them from other types of project managers (who typically focus on delivering results). A good CSM will have an eye for potential issues before they develop into full-blown problems—and then be able to take action quickly when they arise. 

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Customer Success leads to a longer customer life cycle.

If you’re able to get your customers through the buying and onboarding stages, they will be more likely to stay with your company for extended periods. You can build loyalty and establish trust with them by providing excellent service over time. In turn, this will help increase repeat purchases and referrals from current customers and new ones introduced by their friends or family members who have used yours in the past. 

Positive customer experiences lead to advocacy which feeds into the marketing funnel.

Customer advocacy is essential. It’s a great way to keep customers coming back, and it can help with marketing, sales, and customer retention. Satisfied customers are more likely to promote your brand or recommend it to others. That’s why many companies are investing in building out their social media presences—because they know that having a strong online presence can make all the difference in driving new leads or increasing engagement with existing ones. 

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Personalization matters now more than ever.

In today’s world, customer experience is the new marketing—and customer success is the new personalization. Customer success professionals are tasked with helping businesses improve their relationships with customers to create loyal brand advocates who will remain loyal even when things get tough (and they always do). In fact, according to a recent study by Vision Critical and The Daily Muse, 87% of marketers say that improving their understanding of their customer’s needs is one of their top priorities right now. 

As the world changes around us, it’s vital that we keep our focus on our customers and their needs.

Customer Success is still in demand. As the world changes around us, we must focus on our customers and their needs. That is what will bring success in 2022 and beyond. A report from Gainsight indicated an increasing focus and movement toward prioritizing Customer Success and its functions despite the concerns of a possible economic downturn this year along with the pandemic.  


Summing it up,

Customer Success Managers always keep in mind the customers’ ability to reach expected outcomes in a way that benefits both the customers and the organization. If we can all remember this mindset, we will be well on our way to success as customer-centric companies in a world that continues to change at an alarming rate. Check out how you can be one of the most sought-after professionals that transverses even the looming crisis and begin delivering value in the most effective way possible here.