At we offer a “no quibble” 14 day money back in full guarantee for our Full CCSMP product for all individual consumers who purchase their own membership for themselves. This means that you can purchase your Full Certified CSM Professional membership in confidence, knowing that if you try it and do not like it then you can get your money in back in full with no questions asked, so long as you meet the following criteria:

Firstly you must have tried out the content, so you need to get at least half way through Module One, which means viewing the lessons up to lesson 1.5.

Secondly, you must NOT have started Module Two.

The reason for this is because we sell an information product and of course just like a restaurant cannot take your food back after you have eaten it all, we cannot take our information back once you have learned it all. That would not be fair on us! On the other hand we want to be fair on you, hence we allow you the opportunity to try out as much as you wish of Module One in order to make up your mind, but you must not proceed further unless you are willing to commit to your purchase. Fair? We think so!