Panel Discussion: Net Revenue Retention (NRR)

What are the important implications for the Customer Success profession in 2021: particularly through the lens of Net Revenue Retention?

Key topics include:

  • What is NRR?
  • Driving Greater NRR
  • The impact on the Customer Success function
  • NRR and Corporate Strategy
  • What does Customer Success need to change or adapt to increase NRR?

Panel Members:

Rick Adams, CEO & Founder, Practical CSM

Peter Armaly, VP of Customer Success, ESG (former: Sr. Director of CS Enablement, Oracle NA.)

Maranda Dziekonski, Chief Customer Officer, Swiftly (former: Sr. VP of CS and People, Swiftly)

Jeff Breunsbach, Director of Brand, Higher Logic; Co-founder, Gain Grow Retain (former Director of Customer Experience, Higher Logic)

This training asset is worth 58 CPD Minutes