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Customer Success Manager VS Account Manager

As we all know, customer success managers are tasked with retaining existing customers by helping them achieve their expectations when using the company's product or services. They work with multiple departments to understand what the customers want and need and formulate a plan that efficiently leads them towards its attainment. On the other hand, [...]


3 things Customer Success Leaders Must Have

The role of CS Leaders in scaling up CS Teams  Scaling Customer Success requires strong leadership.  Stakeholders hesitate to scale Customer Success. Despite the proven value it delivers, there’s still little understanding of what it does and how it works in a business. This leads to difficulties for Customer Success leaders to [...]


What are the investors looking for in Customer Success?

Presenting the value Customer Success delivers to investors.  For Customer Success Managers, the customers are always the priority - their situation, progress, and any difficulties they face that hinder them from achieving success – the attainment of their expectations. However, an organization’s customers aren’t the “only customers” CSMs must deliver value to. [...]


Personal Evaluation: What, Why, and How?

Performing Personal Evaluation for Customer Success Managers.  Once a Customer Success strategy has been implemented and, let’s say, completed, the role of a CSM doesn’t end there. Aside from evaluating the engagement itself, it is also essential that CSM evaluates themselves and their performance.   In today's customer-centric world, Customer Success Managers [...]


Scaling up Customer Success Teams

The challenges and solutions in scaling up CS Teams Customer Success Teams are crucial to any company. They help you to build and maintain relationships with your customers, solve complex problems, and ensure customers receive the value they expect to achieve. They are the driving force behind customer engagement, retention, and revenue growth, [...]