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Welcome to the Feature Request Portal of Practical CSM Academy. Here, you can explore existing requests and submit your own suggestions. Your input is invaluable in helping us enhance your learning experience.

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Integration for Posting Badges & Certificates to LinkedIn

Feature Overview: Introduce a functionality in our Learning Management System (LMS) that allows users to directly post their earned badges and certificates to their LinkedIn profiles. This feature is designed to enhance the user’s ability to showcase their professional development achievements on their LinkedIn network. Key Functionalities: LinkedIn Account Connection: Users can link their LinkedIn […]

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Display Video Duration Next to Lesson Titles on Certification Page

We’ve received an excellent suggestion from one of our new students that aims to enhance the functionality of the “Certification” page. The student has requested that we display the duration of each video lesson next to its title. This feature would aid in time management and planning, allowing students to gauge how much time they […]

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Social Sharing Integration for Badges and Certificates

We plan to incorporate a social sharing capability within the dashboards to allow users to effortlessly share their earned badges and certificates on LinkedIn and Facebook. A “Share” button could be added next to each badge or certificate, enabling direct posting to these platforms. This feature aims to not only increase user satisfaction by showcasing […]

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Gamification and Badges in the CPD Dashboard

We propose adding a gamification feature and badges to the CPD dashboard to boost user engagement. This would allow for real-time tracking of CPD and recertification progress. Gamification elements like points and levels would enhance motivation, while badges would offer tangible milestones and could be shared on social media. This aims to create a more […]

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