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The full title for this brand new, FREE and LIVE twelve-part series for 2021 is Researching, Developing, Implementing & Managing a Modern Customer Success Service, and each month, one aspect of creating a modern Customer Success service is analyzed and discussed in depth. A member of the audience creates the notes, and all audience members are invited to contribute with their own thoughts and questions. This series is aimed at Customer Success leaders and senior professionals, and deals primarily with the topic of Customer Success service ideation, creation, and management. Our twelve part series is divided into four Quarters. In Q1 (January to March) the focus will be on Research, in Q2 (April to June) the focus will be on Development, in Q3 July to September) the focus will be on Implementation, and in Q4 (October to December) the focus will be on Management. Each part in the series builds upon the discussions taken place in previous episodes, so that by the end, the whole process of creating a modern Customer Success service has been discussed. The episodes are recorded LIVE in front of an invited audience and the recordings are then archived and made available for streaming from our website. So if you miss any of the live sessions, you can always go back to the recordings to catch up. Each session comprises a 45 minute conversation between Peter Armaly, Oracle Senior Director and 2020 Top 25 Customer Success Influencer, and our very own Rick Adams, Founder and CEO of and 2020 Top 100 Customer Success Strategist, followed by a LIVE Q&A session with you the audience. Within their conversation, Peter and Rick identify the key points relating to the topic for that event, and clarify the tasks needed to be undertaken by senior leaders to ensure the best possible Customer Success service is developed. The recordings are a reflection of the collective thoughts and wisdom of these two Customer Success thought leaders captured in friendly discussion on the selected topic, and in addition to the recording itself, each month an audience member is invited to write up notes to cover the key points discussed, and these notes are also made available to all registrants along with the event recording.