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Zealous should be a characteristic which is used to describe each member of our Customer Success team. As a CSM you are devoted to your customers and to learning our products. Our CSM's are devoted to our customers and obsessed with their success, building long-lasting relationships.

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Year over Year (YoY)

When measuring the difference between performance, prices, quantities or indeed any other value of something, companies measure the most recent value against the value measured exactly a year earlier to know if they are growing or becoming more efficient.

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Cross-selling refers to selling a different product or service to the same customer and is often another goal for our Customer Success team. Cross-selling is different than upselling, it has more influence on lateral growth moving from one product to another. The X-Sell works best when there is trust between a customer and the CSM [...]

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Identifies the sequence of processes/tasks through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.  These are carried out automatically by the platform and launch customizable tasks, reminders, and actions that are completed automatically without prompting.

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Upsell is the sale of additional products, add-ons, licenses, and/or services to existing customers. Upsells often become a natural part of the conversation as part of helping the customer reach their goals.

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Triggers or Workflows

Triggers or Workflows set off a single or series of automated tasks, workflows, and playbooks that get activated in many Customer Success platforms or offerings. These workflows allow you to launch repetitive or customized tasks automatically.

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Total Contract Value (TCV) is a metric that represents the full value of a customer contract.  It includes the value of one-time and recurring revenue, but it does not include usage charges.  TCV is a projection of your booking revenue and can be useful when planning expenditure and managing the growth of your business.

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