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Vanessa Randazzo
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Hello! My name is Vanessa and I am a systems engineer. I am from Venezuela but today I live in Chile.

My current job is as a Customer Support Specialist at Jumpseller. A SaaS company dedicated to e-commerce. 60% of my daily work is concentrated in the customer support area, but as we are still a small company (between 10 – 18 people) we all do a little of everything and participate in many processes at the same time.

My previous job for almost nine years was as a university professor in the area of computer science education, technology and e-learning.

Along with that job and now parallel to my current job, I do some consulting for small and medium-sized companies in the area of ​​e-commerce and web design, so I have constant and close contact with clients to help them take advantage of the available technology and tools they could use to grow their business.

I hope to learn a lot during this process and to be able to combine all the knowledge I could gather with all my attitudes and skills acquired in other areas in which I have worked, in order to advance in my career and obtain a position dedicated mainly to the area of ​​customer success.

I believe enormously in self-education and in the need to constantly reinvent yourself to grow. I am very excited to be here!