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    • PracticalCSM
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    • Vanessa Randazzo
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      Hello! My name is Vanessa and I am a systems engineer. I am from Venezuela but today I live in Chile.

      My current job is as a Customer Support Specialist at Jumpseller. A SaaS company dedicated to e-commerce. 60% of my daily work is concentrated in the customer support area, but as we are still a small company (between 10 – 18 people) we all do a little of everything and participate in many processes at the same time.

      My previous job for almost nine years was as a university professor in the area of computer science education, technology and e-learning.

      Along with that job and now parallel to my current job, I do some consulting for small and medium-sized companies in the area of ​​e-commerce and web design, so I have constant and close contact with clients to help them take advantage of the available technology and tools they could use to grow their business.

      I hope to learn a lot during this process and to be able to combine all the knowledge I could gather with all my attitudes and skills acquired in other areas in which I have worked, in order to advance in my career and obtain a position dedicated mainly to the area of ​​customer success.

      I believe enormously in self-education and in the need to constantly reinvent yourself to grow. I am very excited to be here!

      • Rick Adams
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        Hi, my name is Rick Adams, and I am the founder here at the Practical CSM Academy. My background is technical, but then I moved into training, business consulting and then business ownership including starting and running my own SaaS business where I learned the importance of Customer Success Management. I wrote Cisco’s training content for their Customer Success training and certification program, and then I wrote my own Customer Success Framework which is published in my book “Practical Customer Success Management”. And now we are launching the Practical CSM Academy and I am delighted to provide this Community feature for people to share ideas, ask questions and network with others who are undergoing the same CS training and certification journey that they are undergoing.

        Many thanks to you all for being here and please do engage with all the features!

    • Lisa Callinan
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      Hi, my name is Lisa Callinan and I am a Customer Success Manager within the UK’s education software sector, having worked in customer relationship roles for many years, as well as training and consultancy. Early in my career I was fortunate to work for a company who really understood the value of customer and supplier relationships and then for another organisation that focused heavily the importance of building on relationships and marketing – both of these really helped to provide me with the foundations for understanding business and customer loyalty, retention and outcomes.

      I’m looking forward to working through the programme as Customer Success is considered to be a relatively new concept that is still evolving. I’m particularly interested in learning more about the processes and tools to support my role to support me in my career progression.

    • Gunther Peer
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      Hello all,
      my name is Günther Peer and I’m happy to join the conversation and the team of Customer Success Managers looking to get certified, to collaborate and share their knowledge and best practices.
      Over 15 years in IT (software and infrastructure), I’ve had different pre-sales and sales roles including different sales management roles. Check out https://www.linkedin.com/in/guentherpeer/ to see more on my background.

      I believe Customer Success Management is an evolution of the sales motion that companies use, particularly those with recurring revenue models. While “Customer Success Manager” most probably will not be my next job title, I’m still eager to learn the concepts and use them as I advance my career in sales. Being not only interested and able to demonstrate upfront how products and services will create success for customers, but having plans and KPIs to measure against will be key to my future companies and my personal success.


    • Aisham Fatima
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      Hi everyone, my name is Aisham Fatima and I work as a customer success manager at a Canadian based SaaS company, ClearRisk. We offer software to manage claims and incidents with enhanced data analytics and much more. I have completed my engineering from India and moved to Canada to pursue my MBA. I have 6+ years of experience in the fields of customer support, customer service and customer success in IT sector.

      I am really excited about the CSM courses and certifications and looking forward to enhance my skills and knowledge, learn more about different processes and execution techniques. I am also looking forward to meet and learn about others in the customer success roles.

    • Gareth Boyd
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      Hi all, I’m Gareth and I work for a SaaS company providing software for the deathcare industry called PlotBox. I’ve always been interested in technology and how, when properly leveraged, it can make people’s lives so much easier.

      I’m really passionate about being able to deliver exceptional results for customers and ultimately make them successful. The deathcare industry hasn’t seen the same focus or innovation as other sectors so as we help modernise it we have to make sure we bring the users along on the journey and ensure they realise the full value the platform offers. I’m excited to learn and not only hone my skills but apply the learnings as we build out our own CS framework.

      Also always happy to hear of any suggestions to help get a community up and running or ways to continually engage membership!

    • Sam Courtney
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      Hello – I’m Sam Courtney.
      Just beginning my journey for full certification.
      I’m based in Dallas, Texas.

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