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Gunther Peer
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Hello all,
my name is Günther Peer and I’m happy to join the conversation and the team of Customer Success Managers looking to get certified, to collaborate and share their knowledge and best practices.
Over 15 years in IT (software and infrastructure), I’ve had different pre-sales and sales roles including different sales management roles. Check out https://www.linkedin.com/in/guentherpeer/ to see more on my background.

I believe Customer Success Management is an evolution of the sales motion that companies use, particularly those with recurring revenue models. While “Customer Success Manager” most probably will not be my next job title, I’m still eager to learn the concepts and use them as I advance my career in sales. Being not only interested and able to demonstrate upfront how products and services will create success for customers, but having plans and KPIs to measure against will be key to my future companies and my personal success.