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CS Bite-size Learning

The “CS Bite-size Learning” CPD path is a convenient and efficient learning program designed specifically for Customer Success Managers. Packed with short-form videos, this path offers concise yet comprehensive coverage of essential skills required for excelling in the field. Whether you're looking to enhance your communication abilities, refine your problem-solving techniques, or strengthen your customer [...]


Preparing for a New Customer Engagement

The "Preparing for a New Customer Engagement" CPD Path is a focused training program tailored for Customer Success professionals. With seven concise yet insightful articles, this path equips you with essential strategies to excel in onboarding new customers. Explore topics like understanding customer expectations, developing personalized onboarding plans, effective communication, proactive issue resolution, and cultivating [...]


CSM Power Skills

Customer Success Management is one of those roles that sits in the middle of many existing duties. It takes aspects of each of them (and more) and re-utilizes those aspects for its own purpose – that of assisting the customer to attain its desired or required outcomes from the products and services it has purchased [...]


Becoming the Best Possible CSM

The basics are the foundations, and now that you have built your own foundation, it is time to grow to the next stage and become the best possible CSM that you can be. In the first section of the Essential Skills for CSMs program, you were introduced to the most essential personal skills that are [...]


Basic Skills for CSMs

Our Basic Skills for CSMs program covers each of the fundamental skill areas that a successful Customer Success Manager will draw upon to do their job well. Containing a wide range of skills from problem identification to dealing with difficulties, the Basic Skills for CSMs program is a comprehensive range of courses, teaching you the [...]