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Display Video Duration Next to Lesson Titles on Certification Page

We’ve received an excellent suggestion from one of our new students that aims to enhance the functionality of the “Certification” page. The student has requested that we display the duration of each video lesson next to its title. This feature would aid in time management and planning, allowing students to gauge how much time they would need to allocate for each lesson.

Current Display:

  • 6.1 Adoption Fundamentals
  • 6.2 Adoption and Change Management
  • 6.3 Knowledge Skills & Attitude
  • etc.

Suggested Display:

  • 6.1 Adoption Fundamentals – 6:06
  • 6.2 Adoption and Change Management – 7:32
  • 6.3 Knowledge Skills & Attitude – 5:56
  • etc.

We value our students’ input and believe that this feature could be beneficial to many. Therefore, we’ll be adding it to our feature request list for further evaluation and potential inclusion in our development roadmap.

Thank you for this thoughtful suggestion!

Best, The Practical CSM Academy Development Team

Marek Malinowski shared this idea

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