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Integration for Posting Badges & Certificates to LinkedIn

Feature Overview:

Introduce a functionality in our Learning Management System (LMS) that allows users to directly post their earned badges and certificates to their LinkedIn profiles. This feature is designed to enhance the user’s ability to showcase their professional development achievements on their LinkedIn network.

Key Functionalities:

  1. LinkedIn Account Connection: Users can link their LinkedIn accounts to our LMS for seamless sharing of achievements.
  2. Posting Options: Users have the choice to automatically post new badges and certificates to LinkedIn or select specific achievements to share manually.
  3. Customizable Post Templates: To ensure a professional look, users can choose from templates for their LinkedIn posts, tailoring how their achievements are presented.
  4. Privacy Settings: Users control what information is shared and who can view their badges and certificates on LinkedIn.
  5. Real-Time Updates: Any changes to the badges and certificates, such as updates or revocations, are immediately reflected on the user’s LinkedIn profile.


  • Professional Visibility: Users can easily share their learning milestones, enhancing their professional profile and opportunities.
  • Convenience: This feature eliminates the manual process of updating LinkedIn profiles, saving time and maintaining consistency.
  • Motivation for Continuous Learning: The ease of sharing achievements on LinkedIn encourages users to engage more with our courses and certifications.
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