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The Importance of Engagement Evaluation Part One

Part one of two on why it is important to take a regular step back from day-to-day activities in order to assess those activities' value to yourself, your company and your customers. The focus of this part is on assessing value to the customer. Why Evaluate What We Do? What Value Has the [...]

Executive Business Review Best Practice

A discussion about EBR (executive business review) best pratice, including the role of the CSM at EBRs, how to manage an EBR and how to ensure your EBR is valuable to senior stakeholders. Executive Business Review Best Practice Getting Senior Stakeholders to Attend

The Executive Business Review (EBR)

An explanation of the role and purpose of the EBR (executive business review) and a discussion on how to structure an EBR, who to invite to them and how often to have them. Overview of the Executive Business Review (EBR) Cadence & Attendees the Executive Business Review Structure of an Executive Business Review [...]