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From Broadway Musicals to CS Leadership (Audio)

A conversation with Sarah Bierenbaum. Sarah is Vice President of Customer Success for HyperScience. Hypersience applies proprietary machine learning software to solve problems with real human impact. Sarah is a results-driven leader, empathic manager and voracious learner with a passion for helping people grow, and with twenty years’ experience of managing projects and people through [...]

Designing Multiple Customer Journey Personas (Audio)

A conversation with Alex Mead. Alex is a Customer Service Experience expert, with global transformation success and achievement across a range of sectors including Airline, Travel & Leisure, and is very much seen as a leader for CX innovation in those markets. Alex discusses the importance of developing customer journeys for each of the typical [...]

Should Customer Experience Own Customer Success? (Audio)

A conversation with Jeff Sheehan. Jeff is an ex military helicopter pilot turned technology professional, who describes himself as a “Customer obsessed leader with extensive experience managing client-facing service delivery, service operations and service sales & marketing roles”. Jeff has recently moved from the United States to live in Ireland and his passion now lies [...]