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From Broadway Musicals to CS Leadership (Audio)

A conversation with Sarah Bierenbaum. Sarah is Vice President of Customer Success for HyperScience. Hypersience applies proprietary machine learning software to solve problems with real human impact. Sarah is a results-driven leader, empathic manager and voracious learner with a passion for helping people grow, and with twenty years’ experience of managing projects and people through [...]

The Move to an Outcomes Focused CS Service (Audio)

A conversation with Damian Mawdsley. Damian is Head of Sales and Customer Success at CASCAID, which is a leading developer of future readiness programs for schools and colleges in the UK and Europe. Damian and his team have recently transformed the way they provide customer success services to their customers by rethinking their customer segmentation [...]

“Culture Fit” or “Culture Add”?

A discussion about best practices for recruiting CSMs, with a specific focus on the small but important distinction between hiring people who fit within your existing team's culture and hiring people who can contribute to your existing team's culture. Introduction Not long ago I posted an image on LinkedIn that had a list [...]

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Growing Your CS Team (Audio)

A conversation with Zuzanna Ostojska, known to her friends as Susan. Susan is the Head of Customer Success at Growbots where she has been instrumental in the growth and development of her organization’s customer success team. Susan talks about how she goes about the proces sboth of recruiting new members to the teanm but also [...]

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Customer Success in the Security Industry (Audio)

A conversation with Fabio Linchinchi. Fabio is a Customer Success Manager for Zscaler – a software provider in the security space that provides a 100% cloud built secure platform for moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud and untethering employees from their desks that enables its customers to realize advantages in productivity, agility, and cost [...]

Project & Program Management for CSMs (Audio)

A conversation with Samuel Parri. Sam’s background includes various positions held at IBM, Telxon, and Cisco Systems, and has proven knowledge and experience in the world of project management and customer success management. In this conversation Sam describes how CSMs can use project and program management best practices to help customers attain their desired outcomes. [...]