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My First 30 Days in Customer Success (Audio)

A conversation with Amanda Hsiung. Amanda is a very newly started customer success manager at Subvertical – a Santa Barbara-based software company that provides flexible, affordable and easy to use tools to solve the data management and analysis problems that face the social service and public health sectors. Amanda talks about how she secured her [...]

Getting Started in Customer Success (Audio)

A conversation with Maranda Ann Dziekonski. Maranda is Vice President for Customer Success at Swiftly, Inc.. Swiftly develops enterprise software to help transit agencies and cities improve urban mobility, and Maranda is a customer facing operations leader with over 20 years of experience in both working with and designing the best customer-facing groups. Maranda provides [...]

Landing the Right CS Leadership Role (Audio)

A conversation with Emmanouil Mavrikos, known to his friends as Manos. Until recently Manos was VP of Customer Success for Mitek Systems – a high tech software startup focusing on ID verification and biometrics for the Fintech industry – where he was responsible for building the Customer Success function from the ground up. Manos takes [...]

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The CSM Personal Evaluation Tool

A practical overview of how to use the "Personal Evaluation Tool" to evaluate a CSM's performance across a number of different performance areas including knowledge, skills and experience, and how to analyze the results to determine performance improvement needs.   Context This article is lifted pretty much word-for-word from Module Nine of my upcoming "Certified [...]