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Is the content in the members’ portal available anywhere else?

Some of our learning videos are available as a series of shorter courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform, but the majority of the videos and all of the remaining content (eg workbooks, exercises, podcasts, articles, tests, etc) are completely unique to the Practical CSM Academy, and no other platform that we know of has anything [...]

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Can I get help if I do if I don’t understand something?

If you come across something you don't understand within the training content, we recommend that you first of all try research and reading around the topic that relates to whatever it is you didn't understand, in order to broaden your knowledge on the specific topic. But members who are truly stuck and need some help [...]

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How do the live training sessions work?

We have a minimum of two live training sessions scheduled every month. The training lasts for one hour and generally covers one to four topics. The topics are published well in advance, so members can see if they're interested in attending. Attendees are able to interact with the instructor and ask questions during the live [...]

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How can I find the specific training I want?

Finding the content you want to engage with is simple. Members can search for the training they want either by reviewing the content relating to the modules within the Certified CSM Professional certification program or by searching a fully indexed database of all our assets using various filters as well as free text searching for [...]

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What are the different subjects covered by the learning content on the Practical CSM Academy portal?

The learning content on the Practical CSM Academy portal is all aimed at Customer Success professionals and related to the roles of customer success management and CS team leadership. There are several hundred learning assets and this content is currently organized into the following subject categories: Customer Success Fundamentals, Business Fundamentals, PCSMF1: Preparation, PCSMF2: Commitment, [...]

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What different types of learning content are available on the Practical CSM Academy portal?

Research shows that learning works best when students are provided with multiple ways to learn, and that's why we provide a wide range of training styles. The learning content on the Practical CSM Academy portal is provided in a wide range of formats, including video, audio (both streaming and downloadable), articles, downloadable tools in Microsoft [...]

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How often is the content refreshed?

We add new content all of the time, at the rate of several new training assets every month. If an existing assets becomes old or out of date then we either update it, replace it or simply delete it. That way you can be sure that everything on the member’s site is current and relevant.

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