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14 Tenets of Customer Success Part 5 of 5

"Tenets" (or guiding principles) Thirteen to Fourteen of customer success are described and explained. These are "The CSM proactively seeks further sales opportunities" and "The CSM should do as little as possible - ideally nothing at all". Advice is also provided for CSMs to reflect upon their own knowledge, skills and experience. The [...]

Personal Evaluation

A simple "spider diagram" style tool designed for use during Practical CSM Framework Phase Seven: Engagement Evaluation, that can be used either to evaluate one's own personal performance or the performance of a team member in order to help determine knowledge, skills and expertise gaps to be filled Download

The Customer Success Knowledgebase

An explanation of the concept of a customer success knowledgebase, together with a discussion on data protection, data redundancy and how to manage data and information storage and management systems. The Customer Success Knowledgebase The Customer Success Knowledgebase: 1 - Data Protection The Customer Success Knowledgebase: 2 - Data Redundancy The Customer Success [...]