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What is Customer Success?

Fundamental information about what is meant by the terms "customer success" and "customer success management", including what they are, what they do, and what value they provide. What is Customer Success and Why is it Important? What is Customer Success Management? Why Invest in Customer Success Management?

Stakeholder Management Plan

A tool for documenting the CSM's stakeholder management plan that can be used during during Practical CSM Framework Phase Two: Commitment or at any other stage of an engagement, and that is designed to be added to, amended and referred to at regular intervals (eg monthly) thereafter Download

If Stakeholders Don’t Know or Cannot Agree What They Want…

A discussion on how CSMs can assist when customer stakeholders are either unclear about what outcomes are important to them, or disgaree between themselves as to which outcomes are the most important. If Stakeholders Don't Know What They Want… If Stakeholders Don't Agree Between Them as to What They Want… [...]

Adoption Task Management Tools Part 2

Part one of two, dealing with adoption task management. This part explains how CPM (critical path method) can be applied to an adoption implementation to determine the critical path through the implementaiton project in order to calculate total duration. It also discusses how to combine WBS with CPM to enable high quality project [...]

Adoption Task Management Tools Part 1

Part one of two, dealing with adoption task management. This part provides an overview of adoption task management and explains how to use WBS (work breakdown structure) to determine what tasks need to be completed and in what order to complete them. Adoption Task Management Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)