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Value Realization Activity Checklist

A simple checklist that is designed for use during Practical CSM Framework Phase Six: Value Realization, for ensuring that all the activities that need to be undertaken during value realization are carried out to the right standard on a regular ongoing cadence for each phase and/or for the engagement as a whole Download [...]

Adoption Project Completion

An explanation as to what needs to be done at the end of the adoption implementation process in order to ensure customer stakeholders are satisfied with the results and that the customer can now commence value realization activities. Includes discussion on gaining sign off from the customer. Adoption Project Completion: Sign Off Adoption [...]

Adoption Planning Tools Part Two

Part 2 of 3 of a discussion about adoption planning tools. This part focuses on impacted groups, on adoption activities and on practical considerations. Adoption Planning Tools: Impacted Groups Adoption Planning Tools: Adoption Activities Adoption Planning Tools: Practical Considerations