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Evaluating Our Customer’s Business Needs (Audio)

A conversation with Kristi Faltorusso. Kristi is VP of Customer Success at BetterCloud, with over 15 years of experience as a Customer Success and Digital Marketing leader. As a passionate customer advocate, keen on evaluating business needs, Kristi builds and scales customer success teams focused on creative problem-solving to drive success for customers across the [...]

Problem Solving 101 for CSMs

A discussion about how CSMs can determine the cause of problems using root cause analysis tools and best practices, and how they can follow a step-by-step process to solve problems that they encounter during a customer engagement   What if the Value is Not Being Attained? One of the key duties for CSMs during Phase [...]

Presenting Financial Performance Information

A discussion about how to present financial information to decision makers and other senior stakeholders in order to help them understand the information and make high quality decisions upon it   Reporting on Financial Value Realization It's my belief that business consulting and financial reporting should be a normal part of the core activities of [...]