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Customer Advocacy and Lifetime Value

The concept of customer lifetime value (or CLV) and its importance to a company's ongoing success is discussed and explained, together with an example of how CLV might be calculated. In addition the concept of customer advocacy and the role of the CSM in securing increased advocacy is described. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) [...]

14 Tenets of Customer Success Part 1 of 5

"Tenets" (or guiding principles) One to Three of customer success are described and explained. These are "The CSM Exists to Create Value for Their Own Company", "The CSM's primary task is to help customers attain measurable value from using their company’s products and services" and "The CSM is a subject matter expert in [...]

Value Realization Challenges and Changes

A tool designed for use during Practical CSM Framework Phase Six: Value Realization, for documenting challenges or obstacles that are encountered during the ongoing value realization phase, and for documenting customer and/or solution changes that are also encountered Download

Value Realization Activity Checklist

A simple checklist that is designed for use during Practical CSM Framework Phase Six: Value Realization, for ensuring that all the activities that need to be undertaken during value realization are carried out to the right standard on a regular ongoing cadence for each phase and/or for the engagement as a whole Download [...]

Using Consultative Questioning to Determine Outcome & KPI Requirements Part 4

Part four of four of a discussion on how to use consultative questioning skills to determine outcome and KPI requirements. This part discusses step 5, which covers how to take, meaningful measurements. Using Consultative Questioning Step 5: Measuring the Financial Value