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Onboarding Scoring Matrix

A "quick and dirty" tool during Practical CSM Framework Phase Three: Onboarding, for gaining a rapid but non-detailed understanding of the overall level of onboarding assistance the customer is likely to require, based upon the relative complexity of four criteria, namely solution requirements, customization requirements, adoption requirements, and customer maturity level Download [...]

Working to the Customer’s Agenda

A discussion about what is meant by the term "the customer's agenda" and why it is important for CSMs both to know what this agenda is and then to do what they can to help their customer to achieve it. Working to the Customer's Agenda Suppliers Need Customers to Remain as Customers Realizing [...]

Adoption Planning Tools Part One

Part 1 of 3 of a discussion about adoption planning tools. This part provides an overview of the tools and then focuses on general adoption requirements and on capabilities and processes. Adoption Planning Tools: Existing Tools Adoption Planning Tools: General Adoption Requirements Adoption Planning Tools: Capabilities & Processes